Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Everyone Says Move to Rumson

About a year ago I was talking with a guy who trades interest rate derivatives on the desk of a money-center bank. Needless to say, he did pretty good financially and had a decent size apartment in the city. The topic of our discussion was where to eventually move to in order to raise a family. He immediately said that he heard that Rumson was a good place to move to. What was funny to me though, was that he had only driven through Rumson once in his whole life and was not familiar with the Jersey Shore at all since he was from Connecticut. His entire knowledge of Rumson was almost based solely on the desk chatter of his colleagues. To him and apparently some of the guys on the trading desk, the town of Rumson, over the past few years, has taken on the same mystique as Rye, New York, or Greenwich, Connecticut. Although the town has always had affluent residents, its allure seems to have superseded the normal requirements of high-end home buyers to have good schools, a large property, and/or be close to the beach, and instead has succumbed to nouveau rich posers who seem willing pay anything to have a Rumson address.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is your goddamn obsesion with real estate and money???? Do you have any substance at all??? I was born and raised on West River Road.

Friday, October 21, 2005 11:53:00 PM  

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