Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Moving to the Beach

If you have recently moved to the Shore, or are thinking about it, and the reason you did so is because of the beach, then you might become frustrated this summer trying to actually get on the beach. New Jersey beaches are some of the most inaccessible places on the planet, protected by rock face walls, and hostile shore residents.

Many people who live directly on the beach, or even in some cases, across the road from the beach, seem to think that the area of sand directly in front of their house is their own private property. This is generally not true. People with beach houses usually only own the area in front of their house up until the mean high water mark. After the high water mark, the sand belongs to the state.

New Jersey needs to establish what exactly is state property and what is private property As far as I can tell, for the most part, all of NJ’s beaches is basically public property. Also, the sea wall, from what I understand in public property. (This would imply to me that the “no trespassing” signs on the stairs of the sea wall are to be ignored.)

Here is a good site about NJ beach access...


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