Sunday, June 26, 2005

Another Letter Lamenting the Loss of Shore Landmarks

Although I can appreciate this letter writer's sentiments, I think he is just going to have to realize that things change. Market forces are continuously at work and now property at the Jersey Shore is worth more than it ever was. As a result, it is priced out of the reach of most people. The only problem I see with new development at the shore is when it is subsidized by the goverment. These subsidies include the eminent domain abuses taking place in Long Branch and the beach replenishment projects.

"Buyers of the new supersized homes seem to be saying, "Just give me my beach house and my beach view and everyone else can get lost." Visitors who previously were content to enjoy the Shore now seem determined to take over the Shore. They are systematically destroying so much of what they came here for in the first place. Soon the entire beachfront will resemble Spring Lake: quiet, clean, meticulously landscaped and oh so boring."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, tear down them neat 1950's motels in Wildwood that we middle class grew up with so that rich snobs can have their luxury condo with an ocean view. I'll miss all the neon and the individuality of the motels, the condos are all built to the same boring standard.

Monday, February 06, 2006 1:45:00 AM  

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