Saturday, July 16, 2005

An Entire LA Times Article About the Housingbubble2 Blog

No wonder traffic here is so strong for a Saturday.


"Jones' blog,, is one of the more popular of a growing number of blogs providing news, data, commentary or reports about the sizzling housing market.

Since January, the number of sites related to real estate, excluding Realtors' marketing sites, has jumped 19%, according to online market research firm Hitwise. Some offer consumer information and advice, while Jones' and others are rampant with pessimistic musings about the nation's housing boom going bust.

"It's the best suspense novel you've ever read," said Debbie Daly, a renter in Agoura who is a nonpracticing real estate agent and frequent contributor to Jones' blog. "How it will end, I don't know, but I'm riveted."

Blogs in general have been gaining momentum for some time and gained a critical mass during last year's presidential election.

The current outbreak of real estate chatter in the blogosphere seemed to follow a pattern identified during the election: A surge in media attention on an issue feeds consumer interest and vice versa, setting off a "buzz storm," said Jonathan Carson, chief executive of Internet market researcher BuzzMetrics."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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