Sunday, July 10, 2005

Talking About Red Bank

At this site, some forum participants are discussing why Red Bank might be a nice place to live. I generally agree that Red Bank is nice and often consider buying there my self one day. However, probably unlike some people that are not completely familar with the town, I realize that I would have to send my kids to a private or parochial school since Red Bank's school sytstem is in pretty poor shape. On the whole, I think Red Bank's crappy schools are reflected in the house prices, and I wouldn't be surprised if the relative cheapness of Red Bank property completely offsets the dollars needed to send the kids to a private school.

["I have not been to Red Bank yet, but I will get there this summer. I know 3 couples in Hoboken that are in the process of moving there now. Supposedly, Red Bank is drawing a ton of people from Hoboken as their choice for suburban life when they leave the 'boken."]

Here is the whole discussion.


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