Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ferry Service in Trouble

One of the attractions of Monmouth County is the ferry service to NYC from the Bayshore. The ferry operators are having a problem making any money and it looks like more fare hikes are coming.


"That announcement came as another operator, New York Water Taxi, continued suspension of its service across the East River, at least through the weekend, because of a shortage of boats. A third company, SeaStreak, began searching for a buyer for its high-speed commuter operation based in Monmouth County, N.J., SeaStreak's parent company, Sea Containers Ltd., says it will lose almost $3 million this year.

On Monday, Water Taxi took over the service SeaStreak had been providing between South Amboy, N.J., and Lower Manhattan, using its two larger boats and one leased ferry. But it immediately raised the price of a 40-trip ticket by almost 20 percent, and ridership declined by 40 percent."



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