Sunday, January 29, 2006

Interesting Toll Brothers Advertisement

Did I say Toll Brothers advertisement? I meant NY Times article.


At the Hudson Tea complex, perhaps the most upscale residential address in a community where the competition seems to swell with each passing month, there were eight children in residence when the buildings were first fully rented two years ago.

Now, according to Toll Brothers' City Living division, which recently converted the two existing Hudson Tea buildings to condominiums, there are more than 100 children living in 528 apartments.

"We've installed a special children's room," said Thomas R. Mulvey, president of the City Living Group. The unit was established last year by Toll Brothers, which was formerly known for its single-family homes in suburban locales. "There is a big screen that plays only children's DVD's, and an indoor jungle gym for wintertime, when the outdoor play areas get too chilly."

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