Thursday, September 21, 2006

Long Island Report


[As homes in Giamarino's price range glut the market, it's no wonder he and other sellers are looking to woo homebuyers with pricey gimmicks. Some slash the price, but others throw in furniture, plasma televisions and even cars or vacations.

"People need incentives to make the move," said Giamarino, 58, who owns a small car dealership in Amityville. "I think if you move into a house and you're not struggling with payments for 12 months, it's just another idea to help."

The concept isn't entirely new. Indeed, Giamarino got the idea from sellers in the South, particularly in Florida, where he owns other property, he said. But a sampling of Long Island real estate agents, mortgage bankers, attorneys and accountants had never heard of the incentive being offered here.]

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