Monday, June 13, 2005

No Bubble in Westchester

The Westchester NY, housing market should be much like the Jersey Shore market. Both areas are filled with NY commuters. Luckily, according to Ralp the Realtor, prices are going to go up 5% to 10% next year. If Ralph worked on Wall Street and said the same thing about a stock, without the requisite disclosures and cautions, he would probably be fined by the NASD, censured by the NYSE, and penalized by the SEC. Luckily, the real estate industry

["I've heard of lots of people talking about the 'bubble,'" Ralph said. "I was just at a seminar where some predicted a drop in house values. I find the opposite. I think the market is in great shape.

"With mortgage rates continuing to be low, I really think the buyer demand will remain high. I'm predicting that until early 2006, housing prices will increase 5 to 10 percent."]


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