Sunday, July 17, 2005

Environmentalist Does Not Want Hovnanian Project

Hovnanian wants to remediate and develop an old piece of property in Atlantic Highlands. It's probably not a bad idea, since the area is not used for anything else and HOV seems willing to clean up any petro-chemicals that might be in the soil.

Typically though, at least one environmentalist type is opposed to this effort, like they are opposed to almost every other development project that has been proposed anywhere since about 1967.


"Now you have to keep in mind, developers have a tendency to say anything to get approval. They will declare that the project will not impact the environment, traffic, schools, or water. Yet, when the project is all done we found out that it has and the developer is long gone."

Or as I would say.

"Now you have to keep in mind, environmentalists have a tendency to say anything to refuse approval."


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