Sunday, July 24, 2005

Kara Homes McMansions

Kara Homes is putting up these homes in Atlantic Highlands on both the North and South sides of rte. 36. It is my understanding, and I have yet to confirm it, is that if you buy one of these homes, you do not own the ground underneath, you supposedly only own the home. Reading the company's website does not say this explicitly. However, the website does say that you do not have to do your own lawn maintenance, which suggests to me Kara Homes is retaining some sort of right. I guess this is done in condo communities all of the time, but if I am going to spend $650k on a home, I want to actually own the ground underneath. What if I want to add a deck, or put in a pool?

Here are more pictures of the Kara Homes in Atlantic Highlands.

In any case, if you know more about these homes than I do, please leave a comment.

Kara Homes Website


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