Sunday, July 31, 2005

NJ Can Never Have Enough Malls

No one in Monmouth County should be required to drive more than five minutes from their house to a Gap or a Crate & Barrel. I hope the city elders of Manalapan realize that there are thousands of convenience deprived people that would benifit immensely from this project; not to mention the ratables.

"MANALAPAN — The proposal to build a 499,902-square-foot shopping center on farmland off Millhurst Road has hit several obstacles, as local officials have expressed concerns over increased traffic and a lack of involvement from the Monmouth County Planning Board."

Asbury Park Press Story

Luddites click here.


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Anonymous PAUL B said...

New Jersey is also a state where public employees now earn an average of 40 percent more than private sector workers. Spiraling costs for state and local public employees are major causes of the relentless increases in state and property tax over the past twenty years. Democrats have decided to look into this problem and have formed a legislative committee to find a solution

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