Friday, December 30, 2005

False Advertising

I have driven by this house on a number of occasions and most recently noticed that the realtor sign has changed from Weichert or ReMax or something to Sothebys. Apparently, the old agency could not sell this $399,900 house so the owners hired another realtor. But that’s not the point. The point is misleading advertising. After seeing this house listed for a few months I decided to see what the asking price was and looked it up on the MLS. I found the house right away since it is the cheapest in Little Silver and was amazed that the photos being used on the MLS makes it look like the house is directly situated on the Shrewsbury River. I can verify that the house is on Silverside Avenue and that the view depicted on the MLS is not from the backyard, but from a public boat ramp that is at least 250 yards down the street. Moreover, between the house and the river are at least six other houses and backyards. In short, what you see in the picture is not what you get.

What you do get though was not disclosed in the MLS description. For having the privilege of paying the asking price of $399.9k, you can live directly next to the New Jersey Transit North Coast Line. Yes, the house is located right next to one of the busiest train lines in the state. What must make living next to the train line even better is the fact that the house is next to a track crossing so that the train engineer has to blow his horn before hitting the crossing. In case you were thinking about spending $400 thousand for a house in Little Silver with no river view and is next to a NJ Transit train line, you might want to consider that on a normal weekday approximately 38 trains pass by the house heading north every weekday and approximately 38 trains pass by the house heading south each weekday. The first train to reach Little Silver station each weekday arrives there at 4:06 AM.


I did some digging and found out this house was bought last spring for $308,000. The owner of this POS house in Little Silver also owns two houses in Eatontown, which were both purchased within the past two years.


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