Tuesday, December 13, 2005

This Looks Like an Interesting Book

Here is a review from the Detroit Free Press

“June Fletcher has an advantage among the crowd of authors telling Americans "how to survive the coming crisis." Her book, "House Poor" (Collins, 212 pages, $21.95), describes a disaster that really might be in the making.

Fletcher, who writes about housing for the Wall Street Journal, pulls together ample evidence that the more than four-year boom in U.S. home prices has passed its peak. She weds her warnings to straightforward advice about home buying and selling, keeping to the icy channel of common sense.

Fletcher hammers her points home with highly readable prose and unsettling statistics. Halfway through this year, she says, investors bought 23% of all homes nationwide. That's a fourfold increase from the norm.

A quarter of all U.S. homeowners, she says, are overextended on their housing expenses, meaning they pay more than 28% of their monthly gross pay on shelter.”



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