Thursday, June 30, 2005

Shore Population Swells


"Ocean County added 39,542 residents from July 2000 to July 2004, a 7.7 percent increase, while Monmouth County added 19,021, a 3.1 percent increase, according to the census data. The state as a whole grew by 265,266, a 3.1 percent increase."


"In Monmouth County, the old-timers remember life before the exodus from North Jersey swelled the Shore region.

Tom Dancer, a lifelong resident of the Freehold-Millstone Township area, said he has seen a "tremendous amount of changes" in his 46 years.

"I remember Route 537, you'd be lucky if you saw three or four cars in an hour's time," Dancer, now of Millstone Township, said. "Now, you can't even get out of your driveway on Route 537. A lot of the farms are different things (now) — commercial properties, residential properties."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are going to be building 850K+ homes just up the road from me in Jackson on Hawkin Rd. 850K in Jackson? Jackson is nice, but not 850-1 mil nice. This is getting crazy. Something has to give

Monday, July 04, 2005 5:23:00 PM  
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