Wednesday, March 29, 2006

There are Still Some House Hunters

I am not in the market for a new house in today’s market, but I know some people who are. Setting aside all of the reasons I have not to buy a house, its interesting to hear what these potential buyers have to say about the current market. In general, I think the potential buyers I know are borderline angry between a house’s on-line or newspaper or Realtor description and the state of the actual house. One buyer said they were pretty incensed when the three bedroom they went to look at turned out to be a two bedroom with a dining room that could be converted into a third bedroom. This example of false advertising seems to be pretty prevalent and is discouraging potential buyers from even bothering to visit additional listings.

My personal favorite example of false advertising is this house in Little Silver. The pictures on the listing clearly suggest that the house has a bulkhead and waterfront views of the Shrewsbury River. I know exactly where this house is and it is not on the river at all and does not have a bulkhead or a view. In fact, as measured by Google Earth in a straight line, the distance between the house and the bulkhead is 1/5th of a mile or about 1,000 feet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My younger sister has been looking at houses in the Middletown/Hazlet area with no luck for the last year or so because even tiny 2 bedroom homes were out of her price range. She was outbid by another buyer two weeks ago ... in Keansburg! I've noticed the explosion of For Sale signs too, so I'm urging her to wait. That said, we continue to receive mailings from agents begging us to give them a call if we're interested in selling. Is that a sign there really is an interested buyer, or that the agent needs to go trolling for commissions?

Monday, April 03, 2006 12:10:00 PM  
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