Sunday, April 02, 2006

Open House Observations - April 2, 2006

I'll try and post some of my weekend open house observations over the next few days. One house that I visted in the "Two Rivers" area was kind of interesting. It was a smallish cape cod in and would have been worth maybe $250,000 back in 2002. In any event, the Realtor showing the place said that the house had been marked down a few times and that it was priced to sell. Although the house was fully furnished, I did not get the impression people were living there so I made a point of mentioning to the Realtor that the owners should be willing to negotiate since they are now carrying two mortgages. The Realtor said yes, that there was some room to negotiate and added that this problem of move-up sellers not being able to unload their own property is becoming more common in the area.


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