Monday, November 28, 2005

Jackson Developments

The Asbury Park Press has an article today about development in Jackson. I have seen a lot of Jackson and Howell lately and those towns are certainly not as rural as they used to be. Howell and Jackson seem to have a lot of new, classic “MacMansion” style homes that are probably pretty cheap relative to the same type of house in Holmdel, Manalapan or Marlboro. I would guess that the people buying MacMansions in Jackson are 1.) People who don’t realize that driving to Jackson from Hoboken on a Saturday morning to look at houses (an hour and a half drive) is not the same as driving the same route on a Tuesday night in all kinds of commuter traffic (a three hour drive), and 2.) People who live in Ocean, or Eatontown or other towns closer to the beach who cashed out of their home, and who work locally, and want a bigger place further south and further west, without leaving the state.


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